Term 2 – Week 3

Working this week on User notification, more specifically relating to displaying a notification to the user in the event of an audio failure. This has been one of the more difficult tasks to complete thus far. Initially a few days were used to research the best way to accomplish this task. The Notifications component already […]

Term 2 – Week 2

This week i continue with the task of displaying the audio selection menu when the html5 client first loads, to get the users audio preference. This was a fairly simple to accomplish because there was already an API function created to display a menu modal as well as the audio menu modal itself. The tricky […]

Term 2 – Week 1

First week back and i quickly pick up where i left off, before the break. I start with the recommendations to use best practices. My current solution to remove an audio menu view and replace with an API function call works as required, however, there is a better way to handle the problem. A general rule in […]

Day 8: New bugs & task

With a working version of windows 10 and Microsoft edge now available, i test to verify the issue related to my next task. On further investigation, it was concluded that the issues I was requested to investigate had already been resolved. Things worked as expected, however, with further investigation, another bug surfaced. When the settings option […]

Day 7: New Desktop

I begin today by trying to fully finalize my new desktop, with the operating system installed, required applications downloaded and drivers installed. After the VM is set up i repeat the process to configure and set up the BigBlueButton server. While things are installing, i add, commit and issue a pull request for my completed […]

Day 6: BBB HTML5 Build

Today, I start by finishing the set up of the HTML5 client. There are issues preventing the set up from being completed. There is an error with the npm install failing at node-sass. After speaking to some of the team members, this seems to be an issue being experienced by more than one person. The […]

Day 5: Touching up Task 1

Task 1 is complete and the documentation has been updated as requested. The initial fix converted images to plain text with formatting to match that displayed in the image. After getting the text formatted identically, a new issue surfaced. Using <pre> tags to format the text, by default allows text wrapping. When the viewing window is […]