Term 3 : Week 1



Officially finished the first week since the new semester begun at Seneca. Over the break I was involved in a development summit for 5 days working on making the User List in the HTML 5 client keyboard accessible. By the end of that week i had hacked together a working demo of a functionally accessible list. In my first week back i have just cleaned up the code i did at the summit. Once that was done I moved on to trying to see how the new Modal changes have affected the clients functionality with the NVDA screen reader.


Initially the issue with the modals were that because of the way the audio modal was closing, caused undesired behaviour with NVDA. Since the new changes to the way state is handled in closing the modal, it appears that the problem it still there. Previously the only way to enable NVDA Browse mode was to open the settings modal and close or save using one of the buttons. Now, we still must open the settings modal but using the close or save button no longer triggers the switch of modes in NVDA; once the settings modal is closed we can TAB to any Dropdown and NVDA will switch modes.


While investigating this behavior i had also taken the time to lint the entire HTML 5 client because it was getting messy with all the lint errors left in. I also fixed an issue with the way we were formatting the locale strings.  Locale strings were defined as  “app.chat.inputPlaceholder”: “Message {count}”,    the problem with this is that translators may not know that {count} is a variable name and if translated would break the message. To fix this we do like the flash client and use numbers as variable names. Turning our strings to “app.chat.inputPlaceholder”: “Message {0}”,


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