Term 2 – Week 5

This week has been spent fixing UI elements. There is still some discussion going on about the designs i was previously asked to implement. specifically relating to the glow effect added to the mute button which shows when the user is speaking into the mic. Initially I had set the icon on the button to glow, After testing, the effect did not seem noticeable so i added the effect to the button label as well.

It was suggested to instead have the entire button glow and not the icon. After implementing these changes it was mentioned that things were still not very noticeable. As of now this task has been put on hold until a design can be decided on.

Next up relating to the UI was to center the buttons on the action bar, making them symmetrical with the rest of the page. I figure out a way to position the buttons so they appear as expected by affecting the left margins on the flex box the buttons are located in. This is not the best solution but appears to be the only way to achieve the symmetry expected.

I bring up this situation at the Dev call and as of yet there are no other suggested alternatives. Until one is decided on, I move on to fixing a label for the full-screen option in the settings.

Lastly I added some updates to the audio failure notifications component, to handle a the specific use case:
(http) try joining with mic -> fail -> notification -> joining listenOnly -> red notification was still on but we should probably discard.


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