Term 2 – Week 2

This week i continue with the task of displaying the audio selection menu when the html5 client first loads, to get the users audio preference. This was a fairly simple to accomplish because there was already an API function created to display a menu modal as well as the audio menu modal itself.

The tricky part here was getting the function to show the modal to import correctly. The issue was relating to named imports. when using the line “import A from ‘./A'” this uses the default export. A file can only have 1 default export but may have many named exports. the way to reference the named export is by using curly braces as follows:

import { A } from ‘./A’;

Once this is done, i began making UI updates. A few of the buttons had changed colors and were now hard to see. I made these more visible. At first there was an issue changing the color, because in the provided style sheet when the colors would change buttons throughout the entire app would change as well. To get around this a new style sheet was added and only the audio menu buttons would use it to ensure they are the only buttons changing style.


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