Day 8: New bugs & task

With a working version of windows 10 and Microsoft edge now available, i test to verify the issue related to my next task. On further investigation, it was concluded that the issues I was requested to investigate had already been resolved. Things worked as expected, however, with further investigation, another bug surfaced.

When the settings option is selected, the menu comes up, but after that menu is closed; any link clicked on will cause the settings menu to be rendered to the screen.
After more testing I brought my findings to my team members. Possible reasons and solutions for this particular bug were discussed, then it was suggested to write a note, about the newly discovered bug.

I then began work on another task presented to me. This time, I am working with the formatted messages within the app, in an attempt to figure out a better method to handle localization.

The current method being used takes the approach of hard coding default messages inside the <FormattedMessage> tag. This approach makes changing the default messages rather difficult for a person who doesn’t know where to locate all of the formatted message tags.

The Ideal solution would be to find a way to auto default to the ‘en’ locale and reference the default messages from there. This would allow for a centralized and more efficient way of updating the formatted messages.

I use the rest of my time doing research for alternatives ways to achieve this functionality.


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