Day 7: New Desktop

I begin today by trying to fully finalize my new desktop, with the operating system installed, required applications downloaded and drivers installed. After the VM is set up i repeat the process to configure and set up the BigBlueButton server.

While things are installing, i add, commit and issue a pull request for my
completed second task “Fixing HTML5 Chat Welcome Message”
Next up on the list, is to figure out why the settings button doesn’t behave in the same manner on Microsoft Edge as it does in google chrome and Firefox.

I temporarily get stuck on this task today because in order for me to test these issues I have to have a working version of Microsoft Edge, unfortunately this browser only works on windows 10 and the currently installed OS is windows 7.

I would need to create a VM with windows 10 to be able to test the browser issue.

While windows 10 is downloading I use the time to read through more of the BBB documentation as well as update my blog entries.


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