Day 6: BBB HTML5 Build

Today, I start by finishing the set up of the HTML5 client. There are issues preventing the set up from being completed.
There is an error with the npm install failing at node-sass.
After speaking to some of the team members, this seems to be an issue being experienced by more than one person. The solution was to open the “package.json” file and replace
a ^ symbol with a ~, for the node-sass entry.

“node-sass”: “^3.8.0”, -> “node-sass”: “~3.8.0”,
next the following command was run:

$sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy
Once that was done, npm install and ./ ran without errors.
At this point, I am now able to start working on changing the welcome message in the chat. The string showing the welcome message is located in private/config/public/app.yaml.

it is initially set as:

Welcome to Demo Meeting!\r\rFor help on using BigBlueButton see these (short) tutorial videos.\r\rTo join the audio bridge click the gear icon (upper-right hand corner). Use a headset to avoid causing background noise for others.\r\r\rThis server is running a build of BigBlueButton 1.0.

This message was being rendered as 1 long string with ‘\r’ in place of new lines.


change all instances of \r with <br/>

because this string is being rendered in HTML, \r doesn’t get interpreted as a carriage return and instead shows the literal string. by using the <br/> tags instead, new lines are rendered.


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