Day 5: Touching up Task 1

Task 1 is complete and the documentation has been updated as requested.

The initial fix converted images to plain text with formatting to match that displayed in the image. After getting the text formatted identically, a new issue surfaced. Using <pre> tags to format the text, by default allows text wrapping. When the viewing window is shrunk horizontally, the text between the <pre> tags begins to wrap itself, making it difficult to read.

The way I decided to fix this issue was to implement some CSS to take care of the text wrapping, and instead have the text remain formatted regardless of window size with the use of a scroll bar.

pre {
white-space: pre;
overflow-x: auto;

This solved the problem.

Next, I begin setting up a new Desktop computer. The Initial PC I was using belonged to a faculty member who needed it back. As a result, I had to find another PC that was not in use and set everything up again. An alternate PC was available and already functioning but with the wrong operating system. I used the same procedure I did when I set up the first PC.

While this was installing, I received another task and began working on that. I would be changing the welcome message in the  Chat for the HTML5 client.

The next thing on the list was to set up the development environment, following the provided documentation.


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