Day 4: Formatting For Task #1

Day 4 begins and i start by editing the user documents; this introduces me to Markdown. In order for me to add my alteration i would need a crash course in Markdown formatting tools and techniques. After doing preliminary research i learn that Markdown does have its own type of syntax, however, there is also the option to embed other scripts and languages.

When i finished the initial formatting, i then added and committed the alteration. This was not done in the appropriate manner. I got stuck with trying to issue a pull request, as a result the changes were pushed to the master repository branch. A big no no, and coincidentally only worked because of how that particular repository was set up. For future reference i would need to know that when trying to update other repository i would have to follow a different procedure because i would not always be allowed to directly push changes to a master branch.

This issue of the proper procedure was further explained by the helpful members of the team and a link was provided detailing a set of steps used by previous members of the team.

Instructions Here

The changes i did push needed further fixing, Images used were replaced with plain text to improve the overall look and feel of the user documentation. To accomplish more research was done on Markdown formatting techniques, in an attempt to replicate the formatting shown in the images.


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