Day 3: More Setting Up

On day 3, first thing on the list is to relocate my desktop PC to its new home at a desk closer to the rest of the BigBlueButton team. Once that is done, I begin looking for monitors to use. There were a few monitors to select from; but initially only the older and smaller ones would recognize a signal when connected to the desktop. This was quickly fixed by installing the Nvidia experience application to detect, download and install all the required updated display drivers.

Next on the agenda is to install Ruby and Jekyll. The documentation provided detailed instructions to complete the installation. I then familiarize myself with Ruby and Jekyll by doing my own brief research. The one big take away which was brought to my attention by another team member was; when starting Jekyll the command

Jekyll serve  ( works fine but can only be accessed going through the machines local host.)

In order to get around this and be able to map the directory on the virtual machine to the host machine a flag needed to be added to the Jekyll command.

Jekyll serve –host [host_address]

Finally before the end of the day, I download and install Atom as my primary editor to edit the files.


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