Day 1 : Starting work at CDOT

After much anticipation and excitement I finally start my first day at CDOT.

First thing to do was to find a computer to use. Luckily I was able to avoid having to set up any hardware. A working desktop was available for use; only wiping the hard drive and installing a new operating system was required. The first issue encountered occured during the installation of the OS. The available drives were not of the correct file system.

The solution to this problem was quicly rectified by pressing SHIFT + F10 to open the command prompt during the installation. From this point, DISKPART is used to select the disk, format and convert to the correct filesystem. Once completed, the OS installation resumed. Once that was finished, I had to use my laptop to go on the internet to find the ethernet driver so i could connect the desktop to the internet. The driver was found easily from HP’s official support page for the Z230. Once installed, i could then download and install the rest of the drivers from the desktop.

Next was to download the other programs and applications i would need. Another issue surfaced, where the virtual machine would not boot because of missing drivers. All the drivers were currently installed so the next thing to do would be to check the security settings in the system bios to see if virtualization was enbabled. Once that was turned on, the virtual machines loaded as normal.

The newest version of VM was installed, however, this would later cause unforseen issues. Another team member had the correct version of VM and provided it for installation. From this point the BigBlueButton Demo server was able to suceffuly install on the virtual machine.

I also attended an orientation meeting as well as a brief team meeting during the middle of the day.


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