Term 3 : Week 1

    Officially finished the first week since the new semester begun at Seneca. Over the break I was involved in a development summit for 5 days working on making the User List in the HTML 5 client keyboard accessible. By the end of that week i had hacked together a working demo of a […]

Term 2 – Week 11

This week has been spent finding solutions to some of the remaining screen reader related issues, and revisiting previous tasks to rework some of the solutions. A lot of time was spent trying to figure out the best way to structure the semantics of the components. The screen reader uses the accessibility tree and navigates […]

Term 2 – Week 8

After doing extensive research on NVDA, and how it works; I began testing to get an idea of how the screen reader currently works with the BBB HTML5 client. The following were the bugs I have identified: NVDA does not enter browse mode, all shortcut focus keys are disabled. The join audio modal is causing […]

Term 2 – Week 7

This week I was working on centering the buttons on the actions bar. The visual design of the button placement was decided on to try and keep the buttons on the page a symmetrical with the rest of the app as possible. There are different scenarios where 2, 3 or more buttons may be visible […]

Term 2 – Week 6

This week I was given two new UI tasks. The first was to have a label change from “Make fullscreen” to “Exit fullscreen” depending if the browser is in full-screen mode. Second was to fix a bug in the chat component. In some instances when new messages come in, the message list displayed would not […]

Term 2 – Week 5

This week has been spent fixing UI elements. There is still some discussion going on about the designs i was previously asked to implement. specifically relating to the glow effect added to the mute button which shows when the user is speaking into the mic. Initially I had set the icon on the button to […]

Term 2 – Week 4

This week I have managed to complete the audio failure notification task using events. One thing that stood out when working with the events was related to the listeners. When adding an event listener to componentWillMount() it is best to remove the listener in componentWillUnmount(). eg : componentDidMount() { window.addEventListener(“webrtc.failed”, this.handleAudioFailure); window.addEventListener(“webrtc.mediaFailed”, this.handleMediaFailure); } componentWillUnmount() […]